Who We Are

Neya Systems develops and integrates advanced, vehicle-agnostic, off-road and airborne autonomy.  Our talented group of robotics engineers have over 450 years of combined experience related to autonomy, computer vision, and general unmanned systems development and deployment.

Neya's Timeline

  • Cohort to focus on bringing commercial automation technology to artillery resupply.
  • Neya Systems Grows to 50 Employees July 2019
  • Awarded CERDEC Phase III Contract March 2019
  • Awarded CoVeR Contract Oct 2018
    Under the CCDC GVSC Combat Vehicle Robotics (CoVeR) program, Neya is developing and customizing a suite of modular, field-proven, intelligent autonomy software modules for combat vehicle platforms.
  • Opened Boston Office May 2018
  • Awarded MARS Contract May 2018
    Neya Systems is working with multiple industry and federally-funded research and development centers to develop an amphibious autonomy capability focusing on operation in the surf zone.
  • Acquired by Applied Research Associates April 2017
    ARA has a strong foundation in unmanned and robotic systems across a variety of markets including military and first response applications.
  • Awarded CERDEC SBIR II Contract June 2016
  • Awarded AEODRS Contract June 2016
    The AEODRS program will create a family of unmanned ground vehicle systems with a high degree of interoperability for rapid integration of new technologies.
  • Awarded SquadMate Contract Oct 2015
  • Neya Systems Awarded Fastest-Growing Company by Inc. Magazine Aug 2015
    Neya was ranked 25th on the list of fastest-growing engineering firms.
  • Neya Systems is included in this year's Fast Company’s top 10 list of most innovative robotics companies in the world.
  • Neya Systems Reaches 20 Employees June 2014
  • First Major Off-Road Autonomy Project June 2013
  • First $1M Revenue Year Dec 2012
  • First Robot Built June 2011
  • First Employee Hired June 2010
  • First SBIR Contract Awarded Jan 2010
    When the Department of Defense expressed a need for robots to have higher levels of autonomy, Neya Systems came to the table with a solution by leveraging an Army SBIR award.
  • Neya Systems Founded Oct 2009
    Founded by Parag Batavia, Neya Systems has been recognized worldwide for its contributions to advanced unmanned systems technology.

Neya Systems is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Applied Research Associates, Inc.

ARA is the company that government and industry turn to for innovative technologies and solutions to problems that improve our safety, security, and way of life.

Our employees, most of whom have advanced degrees in engineering and the physical sciences, have the expertise to tackle the most challenging technical problems.

Neya Systems is a division of ARA