Neya Systems is a Top 10 Most Innovative Robotics Company

Neya Systems is pleased to announce that we have been included in Fast Company’s top 10 list of most innovative robotics companies in the world. We are in great company on this list, which includes Google, Anki, and Lockheed Martin. Here’s an excerpt about Neya but you can see the whole writeup on Fast Company. 


For improving human control of air and ground bots. Neya Systems was on a roll in 2014, racking up a steady stream of Pentagon contracts. Two of those projects, however, have the potential to change the way unmanned military vehicles are piloted. The first would allow humans to effectively pilot ground robots with a trickle of data (as little as 3 kbps) and long lag times (delays of up to 5 seconds). Another notable project would let soldiers command unmanned helicopters with an Android device, telling robots where to land to drop off supplies or pick up casualties.