Industry Innovation: Neya Systems Unveils Development of Advanced Cybersecurity Solution for Autonomous Ground Vehicles

Neya to Create an Autonomous, Intelligent Cyber Defense for Secure Autonomous Ground Vehicles

PITTSBURGH, Nov. 8 — Neya Systems, a leading provider of off-road autonomy and mission planning software, today announced a strategic initiative to develop a groundbreaking cybersecurity standard for autonomous ground vehicles.  This development effort will focus on enhancing the protection, mitigation, recovery, and adaptability of autonomous ground vehicles by applying Department of Defense (DoD) Zero Trust cybersecurity to the company’s autonomy software. The ultimate goal of this initiative is to advance the state of the art beyond existing automotive security, making Neya’s autonomous ground vehicles more secure than ever before.

To manage this complex task, Neya Systems will use the Autonomous Intelligent Cyber-defense Agent (AICA) reference architecture to apply cyber extensions to its Mission Planning and Management Software (MPMS), including pre-mission cyber security checklists and configuration; cyber security profile management, attack/defense response coordination and negotiation; and post-mission analysis for advanced cyber detection and hunting. 

Neya Systems will develop, train, and test the new cyber systems using its Virtual Integration and Simulation Environment (VISE), which enables Neya to safely develop new capabilities and demonstrate viability thousands of times before field testing.

“By introducing and managing zero trust principles for autonomy in vehicles, Neya Systems is paving the way for safer and more secure transportation systems,” said Kurt Bruck, division manager of Neya Systems.  “We are excited to be focused on developing technology that will establish a more secure future for our ground and autonomous vehicles.  Our team is committed to delivering fully functional cyber autonomy that will help protect the safety and security of our nation’s commercial and defense-related transportation systems.”



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