Mission Planning and Management System

From Intent to Action

MPMS is an AI-assisted mission planning software suite that assists an operator in coordinating the tasks of multiple unmanned systems (air, ground, and sea) to accomplish high level mission objectives.

Tactical Decision Support


MPMS includes a suite of AI tools to:

  1. Break large tasks into smaller tasks
  2. Assign tasks to the unmanned system best able to execute
  3. Schedule tasks to meet critical mission timelines
  4. Deploy robots

Field personnel can rapidly call up missions and modify key tactical parameters in real time.

MPMS Program Timeline


Open Architecture Support

MPMS has built-in support for interoperability standards. MPMS’s advanced service mediation layer currently supports ROS, AS4-JAUS, and AS4-UCS. This, along with MPMS's mission SDK, makes it easy to integrate MPMS with legacy unmanned systems.

Projects featuring mpms

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