Testing and Validation in Realistic Synthetic Environments

Modeling the World

Neya's 3D sensor and physics simulation platform, Virtual Integration and Simulation Environment (VISE), provides a robust system for stress testing autonomy and control, as well as training machine learning algorithms. By leveraging simulated environments, users can safely test new capabilities across thousands of permutated scenarios before moving to field testing.

Expandable and Customizable

Our simulation platform supports a broad range of vehicle types and sensors. We support tracked robots, Ackerman steering and articulated vehicles, as well as UAVs. Partnering with the Virtual Heroes Division of ARA, we can rapidly create new, highly detailed and realistic virtual environments and new vehicle models.


Realistic Environments

We leverage the Epic Games Unreal Engine to visualize and drive our simulations.  Unreal Engine 4 uses a physics engine to simulate physical interactions between objects within the world.

The video below demonstrates Neya's AM3P autonomy engine interacting with the Unreal Environment.