Neya Systems to Continue Developing Advanced Off-Road Maneuver Planning Capabilities for ONR

Neya Systems received a continuing modification via the National Advanced Mobility Consortium (NAMC) to develop advanced off-road maneuvering capabilities for mid- and large-sized unmanned ground vehicles.

Under this effort, Neya will extend its multi-year effort to further mature and enhance its receding-horizon based reactive planner and lattice-based maneuver planner. Neya’s Advanced Modular Mobility Maneuver Planner (AM3P) is capable of multi-point turns in constrained environments, navigating boulder-strewn fields, and using upcoming terrain geometry to reason about wheel placement. AM3P uses faster-than-real-time dynamic simulation to analyze upcoming terrain geometry and optimize wheel placement in order to navigate rugged terrain while taking into account the dynamic constraints of a particular vehicle.

Designed with a high level of modularity, AM3P has been demonstrated on multiple Neya internal and government vehicle platforms, ranging in size from 150 lbs platforms to HMMWVs. Extensions under the new effort include operating at higher vehicle speeds, increasing the ruggedness of terrain that can be traversed, and continuing integration and demonstrations with a broad range of platforms.

Through support from the ONR Code 30 Maneuver Thrust Ground System Autonomy program, Neya is working with a team of industry, government, and FFRDC organizations to develop a full suite of autonomy capabilities that range from perception to world mapping, robust traversability, and multi-robot control.

“This effort demonstrates that a broad range of expert organizations in Autonomy can come together to create a world-class capability for off-road navigation,” said Dr. Parag Batavia, president of Neya Systems. “We greatly appreciate the support we have received, not only in funding, but in integration, design, and testing, from the government team and other program participants.”