Neya’s Autonomy Expertise Leveraged for DARPA RACER-Sim Program

Neya Systems and Duality Robotics to close the loop between real and virtual worlds for virtualized validation in complex terrain

Duality Robotics has partnered with Neya Systems, a division of Applied Research Associates, to leverage Neya’s autonomy expertise to validate the developed technologies through testing, data collection, machine modeling, and integration with autonomy stacks. By connecting to the data streams from virtual sensors in Falcon, the autonomy algorithms will make complex driving decisions in real-time and passback machine actuation commands to the digital twin of the UGV. This closed-loop simulation will also allow RACER participants to more quickly understand the implications of algorithm and code changes in their autonomy software, run regressions to ensure system stability, and collect synthetic data to train their machine learning (ML) models.

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