Neya Systems Achieves Technical Milestone by Integrating JAUS, IOP Standards with Android Tactical Assault Kit (ATAK) for Controlling Unmanned Ground Vehicles 

Breakthrough development signifies major advancement in use of ATAK application to control off-road vehicles PITTSBURGH – December 6 – Neya Systems, a leading provider of off-road autonomy, open architecture, and mission planning software, today announced that it has achieved a significant milestone in the autonomous control of off-road vehicles by successfully demonstrating the use of Android Tactical Assault Kit (ATAK) … Read More

Industry Innovation: Neya Systems Unveils Development of Advanced Cybersecurity Solution for Autonomous Ground Vehicles

Neya to Create an Autonomous, Intelligent Cyber Defense for Secure Autonomous Ground Vehicles PITTSBURGH, Nov. 8 — Neya Systems, a leading provider of off-road autonomy and mission planning software, today announced a strategic initiative to develop a groundbreaking cybersecurity standard for autonomous ground vehicles.  This development effort will focus on enhancing the protection, mitigation, recovery, and adaptability of autonomous ground … Read More

Six Lessons from Being a Bootstrapper

Robotics is starting to attract venture capital at an accelerating rate. There is significant growth in VC investment on both coasts, and the equity markets are starting to take notice.

Machine Learning and Biometrics

In the last decade, there has been a major shift in robot perception toward using machine learning. So when is it appropriate to apply machine learning techniques to your robot perception problem? Rather than tackle this head-on, I will ask this question for a different domain and then try to tie it back to robotics. Machine learning techniques have become … Read More

Lessons from an experiment with ROS navfn integration

Some of you are probably familiar with ROS – an open-source set of libraries and tools for robotic applications. We use pieces of it regularly around here.  One of the nice features about ROS software is that you can make use of it in a variety of ways: ROS offers many of the features of a full robot architecture, but … Read More

Transitioning from a Large Company to the First Employee at Small Company

Most of us have been in this position at some point in our lives: You know the ropes at your current job; you are deeply involved in several projects there, have great friends at the office and are generally pleased with the work environment. However, despite the fact that you are content with your position, it isn’t giving you everything … Read More

Dispelling Myths about JAUS

At Neya, we’re big believers in interoperability through standards compliance.  Many of us have a long history with the Joint Architecture for Unmanned Systems (JAUS), as well as the UAS Control Segment (UCS) Architecture.  We’ve even been known to flirt with STANAG-4586 from time to time.  As proponents, particularly of JAUS, I often hear comments and criticism toward the standard … Read More

Preparing for a Robotics Field Test

Most robotics programs inevitably reach a phase of development in which the system must be tested in the field: where the environment and usage scenarios closely reflect the conditions in which the robot is to ultimately be used. This migration from the “lab” environment can require increased logistics overhead costs stemming from additional support personnel, establishing remote offices/labs, transporting equipment … Read More

Kicking off our new Blog

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been debating the merits of blogging. After discussion, deliberation, looking at examples that we like and dislike, we have decided to start a company blog, and to devote the internal resources to properly maintain and update it. This was not a decision we took lightly, and the internal feedback we received on … Read More