Open Architecture

Defining Relevant Open Architecture Standards


Neya supports both the techical development of standards (AS4-JAUS, Army IOP, AS4-UCS, ROS-M, AGVRA) and the use of Open Business Models to level the playing field for small businesses to develop innovative unmanned systems solutions.  Neya has been instrumental in developing every major DoD unmanned systems interoperability standard since being founded in 2009.


Neya Systems is the current chair of the CCDC-GVSC autonomous ground vehicle reference architecture (AGVRA) industry group. Neya is instrumental in defining a set of architectural standards for all future autonomous ground vehicles within the DoD.


This architectural model incorporates the best of breeds from GVSC programs, such as expedient leader-follower and the Robotics Technology Kernel (RTK).The result of this design is slated to be the RTK 2021 software architecture design release and ultimately used for the RCV-L, RCV-M, RCV-H, and the OMFV classes of vehicles on the Next Generation Combat Vehicle Program. The architecture will ultimately allow for the government ownership and management of high-level “meta components,” while simultaneously allowing the industry to create and own plug-in components as ROS-nodes.

JAUS Toolset

Neya is the primary developer of the JAUS Toolset (JTS), the only open source, freely available AS4-JAUS Software Developers Kit. JTS is in active use by multiple commercial and government organizations.

JTS capabilities include import and export of JAUS XML (JSIDL), graphical layout tools, and C++ code generation capability. JTS allows organizations and individuals new to IOP to rapidly integrate IOP Compliance into legacy and new software.

Neya has long been involved in standards development, providing leadership in the early days of the JAUS Reference Architecture for Comms, Payloads, and Autonomy. As JAUS migrated to SAE AS-4, Neya sponsored key publications like the Autonomous Behaviors and UGV Service Sets while serving in leadership positions in both JAUS and UCS. Neya continues this work as the only funded non-SETA industry participant in the IOP Working Groups, serving as lead for the Autonomy & Behaviors Task Group.


ROS-M is a software ecosystem for military RAS based on open ROS. It provides a trusted community of Government and Industry contributors with the means to collectively cultivate a federated body of re-useable, ROS-compatible software for developing defense robotic systems.

Neya Systems chairs the CCDC-GVSC ROS-M infrastructure group and is responsible for developing the physical ROS-M registry, database, and website to allow for a set of ROS compatible modules to be cataloged specifically for the DoD program use.

We work collaboratively with GVSC and other industry partners by conducting infrastructure working group meetings as well as tech lead meetings and defining and implementing the ROS-M concept.