Neya Systems Releases UAS Control Segment Architecture SDK

Wexford, Pennsylvania 09 August 2013 – Neya Systems is supporting the UCS community with uxSDK™ for UCS (UCS-SDK), its Software Developer Kit for the Department of Defense UCS Architecture and UCS Repository. UCS-SDK offers a validated UCS Developer Library and automated interface code generation tools to shorten the development cycle for UCS-compliant applications and services.
Neya Systems, LLC is pleased to announce the early availability of its UCS-SDK™ evaluation kit. Neya, which has played a leading role in the development of the UCS Architecture, is providing this SDK to encourage adoption of the standard, reduce development startup costs, and lower the barrier to entry for large and small businesses to port their legacy systems to the UCS Architecture.
UCS-SDK encapsulates the subject matter expertise of the UCS Architectural Model, and presents an easy-to-use tool that lowers the barrier to entry into the UCS ecosystem and UCS market place. UCS-SDK will auto-generate conformant UCS service interface Implementation Classes for application code, allowing software developers to concentrate on their reusable software IP and not on UCS/platform conformance and low-level interoperability with other third-party UCS applications. UCS-SDK currently supports the Data Distribution Service (DDS) for transport, with addition DDS vendor support and Java Messaging Service (JMS) support being added in the near future.
The UCS-SDK features include:
• Full support for UCS R3.0 Service Descriptions and ICD
• Support for popular UCS transport/PSM ICDs
• Easy-to-use User Interface (UI) and documentation
• Linux and Windows environments (for generated code)
• UCS Non Functional Property Library (in development)
• UCS service interface test and simulation tools (in development)
About Neya Systems LLC
Neya Systems is one of the leading developers of advanced unmanned systems technologies in the United States. Neya works with defense, homeland security, and commercial customers to deliver novel solutions to some of the hardest problems related to autonomy, computer vision, and general unmanned systems development and deployment. Both government- and commercial-sector engineering managers consistently turn to Neya’s team when seeking expertise related to perception in difficult visual conditions; frustrated with current technologies for planning and coordination of multiple unmanned systems; facing very challenging unmanned systems navigation tasks in highly complex terrain; transitioning technologies developed through research and development programs to real-world applications; faced with requirements to deliver standards-compliant unmanned systems; or needing additional highly skilled technical resources but are limited by staff workloads and hiring freezes.
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