Neya Systems to Demonstrate Advanced Video Interfacing System

Neya Systems will be demonstrating the Robotics Technology Consortium funded Digital Video Interfacing System (DVIS) at the 2012 NDIA Ground Robotics Capabilities Conference. DVIS is a “swiss army knife” for video interfacing and h.264 compression, and is a small, low-powered hardware solution to integrate USB, 1394b, CameraLink, HDMI, GigE, and NTSC cameras into your unmanned systems. The DVIS system, which is undergoing final testing, includes a real-time h.264 compression engine that handles HD (1080p) video from the listed sources, and provides a to-network compression latency of less than 100ms. DVIS is designed for integration onto small UGVs, and supports both the AEODRS and RS-JPO JAUS profiles.