Proven, groundbreaking autonomous systems

for complex, off-road environments

Since 2009, Neya Systems has been at the forefront of developing advanced autonomous systems for complex, off-road environments.

From the construction site to the front lines, we are dedicated to solving the most complex outdoor autonomy challenges to help our customers meet their mission goals. 

Neya Systems is developing innovative autonomous software solutions to protect soldiers who are serving on the front lines.

Learn how our cutting-edge developments in autonomy, mission planning, and cybersecurity can protect our nation’s war fighters.

From mining to construction, Neya Systems’ autonomy software is revolutionizing industry operations.

Discover the ways Neya’s full-stack autonomy software can help augment your workforce and streamline manual operations. 

Neya offers a full suite of autonomy solutions, including localization, control, perception, and planning.

Neya’s mission planning software enables a single user to plan and execute complex tasks for a fleet of unmanned air, land, and surface vehicles.

Neya’s cyber autonomy uses the Department of Defense’s Zero Trust cybersecurity architecture to defend autonomous ground vehicles from cyber attacks.

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